And so we set sail

Yesterday I was looking on Youtube at videos on recipes for using your left over juice pulp. I came across a video of this dude making a carrot pulp cracker and thought that sounded like a good use for it.

He also said to throw it into your dog’s food, which I did tonight. Not sure what Jazzy dog thought of it, but seeing as how she loves to try and eat the compost I’ll assume she liked the added bulk to her regular dry food.

So it must of been kismet that today while grocery shopping at this cheap discount boxstore, I saw a dehydrator for $14.99, gasp. Then the guy shopping across from me says “I bought one of those, it works really well, I only used it twice though cause it takes up a lot of space – that’s the only thing.” I’m not one for bulky electrical kitchen appliances but I’ll keep it in Boyfriend Land and can always sell it at the flea market when done with it.


I figured it’s worth a try for things like sweet potato chips (which I just attempted making in the oven this week but they didn’t crisp up properly), banana chips, giving the pulp cracker recipe a try and zucchini chips which also coincidentally came up today’s The Nourishing Gourmet’s blog post. Alright, I can take a hint.

Part of me is skeptical, why would I want to dehydrate a perfectly sweetened, peak of ripeness mango but I held off devouring it completely while slicing up gorgeous, juicy, sweet strips of bright orange mango flesh.

All 5 racks full: 2 bananas, 2 apples, a pear and a batch of the veggie pulp crackers made with raw almonds, sauerkraut and spiced with garlic, a hint of nutmeg, tumeric, cumin, ginger, sea salt and pepper. Not sure exactly how long it will take to dry, it suggests somewhere between 8-10 hours.


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