Dill corn cakes n’ eggs

Katt, as you recall we were recently discussing New England’s love of corn chowder, so in this spirit I picked up some fresh corn with every intention of preparing one. Fortunately it got side tracked by my usual craving for brunch style eggs (I’ll try to get back to the corn chowder later). I combined shredded yuca root left over from my last dish with fresh corn (off the cob, which makes a huge flavor difference). I then added dill and a dash of sea salt to boost flavor as the starches are a bit bland, though subtly sweet. The trick is to squeeze excess water out of the mixture, which I do while flattening it. The pan should not be too dry and the cakes should also not be swimming in oil. They need the oil to distribute the heat evenly so that you get a nice evenly cooked cake.

It only seemed right to soft poach a couple of eggs to fit in between the cakes and make dainty little sandwiches. I do not have an egg poacher, but have found that using a large spoon to hold the egg together against the side of the pot of boiling water works pretty well. Yolk can be soaked up at the end with any leftover corn cake (my absolute favorite part).

My favorite herb goat cheese and delicious ripe tomato compliment the egg cakes. After adding a final sprinkle of dill (for good luck, a little goes a long way) and some cracked pepper these little beauties weren’t long for this world.

Images by Lori Esposito 2011


2 thoughts on “Dill corn cakes n’ eggs

  1. Looking at your perfectly poached eggs made me hungry for poached eggs, my favorite way of eating eggs. So I used your metal spoon trick and wahla, worked magnificently. No kitchen gadget needed, great tip!

  2. There are such a variety of vegetables like yucca that I’ve never even tried, I’m inspired to go out and try some different vegetables. I love the spoon trick for making poached eggs! They look perfectly done. I like how the patties are then and crispy and make a little sammy. You do make a really good brunch.

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