My baby bok choy

Hi Katt, this is my version of a super healthy lunch. I make this a lot, especially when I am feeling tired of carbs, meat and cheese and just want something tasty and light. Wash the bok choy really well and toss them in some light, high heat oil like sesame or sunflower, which cooks veggies fast without turning everything to mush. For the best results, DO NOT OVER COOK THE BOK CHOY. It is delicious practically raw and has a delightful crunchy texture. After cooking the bok choy for a minute or two I added chopped onions, garlic, fresh ginger (too much can be overwhelming) and your preferred mushroom. I couldn’t find any fresh shiitakes, which are ideal, so I settled for baby bellas. I added some red pepper flake and soy sauce (just a little, don’t get too salty) to finish it off.  If you are craving carbs, this mixture sits well on top of a bed of rice, or rice noodle if you want to soup it up. XO-Lori


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