Artichokes, the amazing edible flowers

Painting by Christopher Beaumont

Katt, I thought we could compare artichokes.

I heard someone once say that artichokes are to Italian food like collard greens are to Soul food. Being that I am a big fan of both, I can see the connection. When the heavy pastas, meats and cheeses that the Mediterranean’s eat start to clog the system up,they may eat an artichoke. Or better yet, an artichoke a month keeps bellyaches away. My grandmother use to make them this way; nix the mayo, which was a violent atrocity to the artichoke in her view. She served it with lemon juice, or melted butter.

Cut the upper tip of the artichoke off with a big sharp knife. Slice off the stem so it sits upright. Cut the tips of the leaves off with kitchen scissors. Open up the artichoke while running it under the faucet. Shake the water out and stuff the leaves with breadcrumbs mixed with Parmesan and Olive oil. Stick the stuffed artichoke in a pot with an inch or so of water and splash of oil in the bottom. Cover and steam for 45 min. (if it is a sizable one).

Pick the leaves off and dip in whatever. Scrape the veggie meat off by biting down with your teeth. I can’t get enough of these.

                                                    Image by Lori Esposito 2011


2 thoughts on “Artichokes, the amazing edible flowers

  1. POLICE BLOTTER REPORTS: “Artie Chokes 3 for $1” A little artichoke humor.
    Artichokes are a bit more foreign to this Irish girl, but I followed your directions and stuffed and steamed the artichoke – only I did it in the pressure cooker which was perfect. It reduced the cooking time to 15-20 min. It tasted and looked like I remember yours only at the bottom of it all, I found NO HEART! There was a hairy husk that looked as thick as animal fur. My artichoke needs to see the wizard to get a heart. Has this happen to you or did I just miss it?

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