Cabbage Taco delight

sweet & sour cabbage taco

About to chow down on a Sweet & Sour Cabbage Taco

You called back today as I was making your Sweet & Sour Cabbage Taco recipe. I’ve heard you rave about it and now that I finally made it for lunch, I see why. I loved the asian infused flavors and how easy it was to make. I took your suggestions and added fresh minced ginger along with garlic, corn, red pepper and shiitake mushrooms that I had on hand. Like you said, don’t overdo the vinegar. Will be making this one again and again… Thanks!


One thought on “Cabbage Taco delight

  1. Oh yes, your photo is much better than mine of this. I ate it again for lunch yesterday and added shitake mushrooms and ginger. I lightened up on the vinegar and squeezed some lime at the end for an even more flavorful effect than normal. If I had some crunchy sesame seeds, I think it would have complimented perfectly.

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