Sailors Breakfast

Spent this brisk fall weekend sailing to the Eastern shore. Sunday’s breakfast at anchor for a cold day of sailing ahead: Rice with corn and chunks of salmon burger, left overs from the night before, and 1/2 a toasted cheddar jalapeno bagel with eggs sunnyside up, grapefruit and coffee from the press. 

Other essential provisions for good morale: Goslings Black Rum and Ginger Beer mixed with some ginger ale for ‘Dark and Stormies’ upon arrival at anchorage!


2 thoughts on “Sailors Breakfast

  1. Aww thanks, I keep seeing double chin in a lot of my photos – eekkks! Dark and Stormies is one of my favorite cocktails, but best for occasion, ginger beer tends to have lots of sugar.

  2. You are the bomb girl, this photo of you hooping rocks!!!!!! You look hot, too. Yum to your rum drink – I had been drinking vodka with ginger but rum is so much better.

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