Pomegranant Beef

I know it has been a while, Katt, so I wanted to go all the way and do something I normally never do….cook beef. I am very picky about beef dishes and am usually disappointed when I order them in restaurants. I got high grade, tender grass fed organic beef that the butcher cut into medium/large cubes. The cubes were cooked on medium/high heat with a light sprinkle of cinnamon and vinegar, a tad of soy sauce and crack of pepper. When brown on the outside and tender on the inside – place it over this sweet and sour seasonal concoction:

Dug the seeds out of a fresh pom and stirred them into a simmer sauce. I cooked this on medium low for 25 minutes. Don’t overcook so the juicy seeds burst in your mouth.

chopped garlic and 1/2 onion

handful of dried cranberries

1 cup chopped peeled canned tomato

splish splash of red wine/ balsamic vinegar and soy sauce

splash of pure cranberry juice

squeeze of lemon

tablespoon (or two) of brown sugar or maple syrup

two handfuls of fresh ruby red pomegranate seeds

dash of cinnamon (a bit of clove if you like)

cracked pepper and salt

top it off with fresh lemon zest (to create a cranberry marmalade flavor)

This dish was so delicious, I think it will become a mainstay for the Fall. The sauce comes off like a tangy sweet, slightly spicy and savory barbecue.

Images by Lori Esposito 2011


One thought on “Pomegranant Beef

  1. Wow, yes surprised to see you having beef. That sauce looks hearty, flavorful and so scrumptious, and the plate beautiful! Could be varied to work with veggies and other meats well. Very fall flavored indeed. Yay- glad your back to blogging again!

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