The Whole Enchilada

I made some impressively good ‘Skinny Chicken Enchiladas’ last night, I had something going on all burners for what seemed like 2 hours, but what a feast! Seems I’ve made a few recipes with ‘skinny’ in the titles lately – been feeling skinnier even though I’m not. The pictures don’t do the meal justice, probably cause I was exhausted and hungry by the time it was ready…it was a bit involved, but turned out excellent.

Basically I followed this recipe, note: I found it only really made 6 enchiladas and I used 3 chicken breasts (instead of the called for 2). I pan cooked the chicken breasts (skin removed) in some olive oil, 6 minutes on each side letting the chicken brown. Then added some chicken broth and let it simmer covered for roughly 25 minutes. This recipe would have been a lot easier if you can save this step and use some leftover cooked chicken.

For the sauce, I used a jalepeno pepper in place of chilis in adobo sauce and did not add any salt or pepper. The chipotle seasoning is strong in smoky flavor and really makes this dish. I used grated sharp cheddar over the top. Served it with white basmati rice seasoned with Saffron and topped the enchiladas with sour cream, salsa and homemade guacamole.

I conserved fuel and baked the enchiladas together with a batch of Black Bean Brownies. I like the idea of sneaking some protein and fiber in with chocolate but it did change the texture quite a bit. Then I destroyed all skinny adjectives connected with this meal by topping it with a scoop of coffee caramel swirl ice cream, bits of walnut and just a drizzle of Frangelico hazelnut liquor. Yeah, I know how to live.


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