Citrusy Yellow tail and anise

Lori here, again. Tonight I quick broiled fresh yellow tail. I put a helping of Irish butter in the pan, lay the filets on top. Sprinkled red pepper, a little cayenne, dried dill and slices of lime. I poured tangerine juice in the sides and broiled on high for, I don’t know, 5-6 min.

I cooked some anise root in a iron skillet coated with virgin olive oil. Tossed in a couple of chopped cloves of garlic and a handful of jumbo raisins. Delicious with a dash of sea salt and squeeze of lemon in the end. Perfect companion dish to the fish, both with a subtle sweetness. Can’t get enough!


One thought on “Citrusy Yellow tail and anise

  1. Fish is such a nice and fast way of cooking up a fast meal in a pan and the juices infuse a lot of flavor. Fennel is a great vegetable that you’ve turned me onto. As a root vegetable it lasts a long time and the subtle licorice taste is so unique. Also love how you always add colorful sides like the tomatoes and olives for extra bursts of flavor to accompany your meals.

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