Apple Beet Pancakes


Hi Katt, I wanted to make use of these apples that are ripe and ready on our tree. We have also been

seeing some good beets the past couple of weeks and you know how I feel about beets – the cocoa beet

cupcakes that we loved eons ago. Well, I wanted to try something new and make a tasty breakfast and

this is what I came up with. A winning combo of apple and beet fused into the classic breakfast fav – the pancake.


I used my Nutri-Bullet to liquify a small peeled beet. I added about a cup or so of water to help smooth it out.

The thing that I also love about cooking with beets is the reward of seeing such a vivid, luscious color.


The mixture you see here includes:

  • 1/2 cup of peeled and chopped apple
  • 1/4 cup water, milk, or substitute (almond, soy, rice)
  • 1 part favorite pancake mix
  • 1 part beet mixture
  • Optional: cinnamon


My work space: I used butter in the pan and kept the heat on low (2). I had to be patient and keep the pancakes a reasonable

size so the ingredients would cook all the way through without burning. I suggest pouring cakes about 4″- 5″ in diameter.


Garnished with some Asian Pears and drizzled with honey. Love the pink -Both filling and healthy.


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