Maryland Crab Soup

Hey Lori, it’s so fantastic to get back to posting again and see all the wonderful things you are making from the ripening late summer garden. As Summer turns to Fall here on the Bay, the wind is getting brisker and the air cooler. For me it is the most beautiful time of year and some of the best sailing before the long dusk of winter. The summer season has once again passed too quickly and now begins the final march of preparations for snow bird cruisers heading their boats south. As you know the question always on my mind is, am I ready to be one of them this year?.. as I check my never-ending to-do list of projects to complete. For those not yet ready to leave the ties to land, it’s the last sound of the siren calling, get out there now while you can!

Working on projects has occupied much of the summer this year, but this year I’ve had the pleasure of doing it while anchored in a beautiful creek away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s gratifying to see progress but meanwhile the hull was turning into a garden patch of barnacles. So last week, with my birthday approaching, I was adamant the boat at the least go on a long weekend trip to celebrate. I spent the week prior diving  the boat with a snorkel and flippers scraping away at the underwater growth and stocking the boat with food and drinks. I thought a nice big pot of soup made in advance would make for an easy and comforting meal to grab bowlfuls of,  so I attempted a Maryland classic, MD Crab soup. It’s really quite easy to make.

MD Crab Soup

MD Crab Soup

  • Sautee 1 diced onion & stalk of celery in a big oil coated pot
  • Add 2 cans of 14 oz. diced tomatoes (mine were mixed with jalapeno peppers)
  • 1 box of beef broth
  • Add a ham hock
  • Worcestershire sauce (1-2 TBSP)
  • Old Bay to taste (1-2 TBSP)

Let this simmer at a low boil while the flavors merge. As it gets closer to being ready to eat add:

  • 1 bag of frozen mixed veggies (corn, carrots, green beans, peas)
  • *many recipes call for a can of lima beans which I didn’t have but think would make a nice addition
  • 1 lb. of canned crab meat
  • V8 / Clamato juice / Water to your desired consistency

My soup was pretty concentrated and hearty with vegetables more like a stew, but it could be stretched a lot farther by adding more liquid.

Newly weds parading the anchorage

Newly weds parading the anchorage

The view from one of my favorite anchorages.

The view from one of my favorite anchorages. The water was clear but the jellyfish were out.

wind scoop

Funneling the wind into the boat at anchor with my colorful windscoop.


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