Apple Beet Ginger Juice

photo(1)Beet juice at 6:30am

applebeet juice Beet juice with wildflowers


Marian Drew, ‘Lorikeet with green cloth’ 2006


Marian Drew, ‘Wombat with Watermelon’ 2005

These days I get up around 6 am and often make an apple, beet and ginger juice. This juice is a delicate combination of flavors, sweet, tangy, spicy and earthy that I want to take advantage of while the apples and beets are fresh in the garden. The deep red color is bodily and jewel like. The consistency, velvety and smooth, goes down easy, giving my stomach a warming and thirst quenching euphoric feeling. It is the perfect still life for these wooded mists and dewy hills.

I am reminded of an Australian photographer who I became enamored with with last year during a studio residency in Virginia. Marian Drew stages sublimely beautiful photographs Alla Dutch still life painting. Instead of using Dutch favored fowl and fauna as her subjects, she inserts the native creatures of her home region – some collected road kill. They are complexly beautiful table settings – like landscapes – they combine the decay and decadence of a long-loved aesthetic.


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