Boatyard Blues

Hey Lori, wow your apple pies look so fantastic, I want to make one with you! And even better taste one! Are you going all out and putting a scoop of vanilla ice-cream on that? You know I would.

I’ve had long days of hard physical labor working on the under belly of my boat “on the hard” as we sailors says, meaning on land. This leaves little time or energy for cooking. I’m sun soaked, standing on shaky platforms, climbing ladders and in contorted positions scrapping toxic paint, sanding, painting, buffing out the hull. It is going on two weeks now and I don’t want to work on Maggie’s Farm No More. Nearing the end and the progress is tangible.


PB&J break in the shade under my boatyard neighbor Al’s boat.
Al is the 73 year young captain of a 50ft. steel ketch.

Scraping the hull. One big painting palate to prepare.

IMG_2153End of workday view from the treetops.



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