Shrimp & Blackened Tuna Soft Tacos

There are just some foods I love so much that they’ve become regular staples of my diet. I know you can’t eat it right now, but as a water girl I crave seafood. I like eating a lean protein alongside a big salad or basically putting the same salad ingredients and protein atop a warm whole wheat tortilla and I’m loving life. It also makes dinner preparation easy. Most often the salad ingredients on hand are romaine or spinach, tomato, avocado, raw corn, kalamata olives and sometimes improvised with the addition of a bit of fruit or nuts all which taste great without any dressing or some jarred marinated artichokes thrown in with oil as dressing.


Shrimp was on sale so I picked up a LB of it steamed and seasoned. Guacamole was 1 mashed avocado, a big spoonful of hot salsa and a dollop of sour cream and fresh squeezed key lime juice. 

Blackened Seared Tuna still pink in the middle is a specialty Chris has perfected with practice and now taught me. The whole tuna fillet is covered and pressed with Blackened Cajun spice, even the side edges. Coat the bottom of a frying pan well with olive oil and put it over a high flame, getting the pan very hot but before the oil reaches its smoking point – a few minutes. Then place the tuna carefully in the pan to avoid hot oil splatter; laying a paper plate upside down will catch any flying oil. 2-3 Minutes per side, then turn the heat off and let it keep cooking as it rests. Perfection.



Magnificent Fall light on the creek at sunset.