Breaded and Baked Eggplant

We brought home three of these Chinese eggplants from the farmers market so I could make Duane’s favorite dish, Eggplant Parmesan. Turns out these lovely small eggplants worked out perfectly.

egg plant cooking

Medium thin slices work out so you can fit more of them in a round pan. Dip them in egg yolk, and then a seasoned bread crumb mixture. I get two pans with olive oil and garlic going to speed up the process. Cook till crispy brownish.

eggplant slice

With fried egg plant, I say the more garlic the merrier. Pick your favorite cheeses. A soft (like mozzarella) and a hard (like parmesan). Don’t worry about the excess oil on the cooked eggplant. It’s healthy DHA.

Sauce on the bottom, and most of your sauce on the top (one 18 oz jar). Those eggplants are layered up in between. Mushrooms and black olives are a delicious addition at this point. Sprinkle cheese mixture and Italian herbs on top.


Another yummy marinara dish for a hungry pregnant lady.


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