Ham & Cheese Crescents

Wow Lori, those pasta dishes look super comforting and satisfying. I will have to try replicating some of these dishes for you when I visit and your recuperating with the baby.


Here’s a simple lunchtime snack I made with ingredients I had on hand the other day while Chris was working on fixing the finicky boat heater and had tools spread out in close quarters. I made this with minimum fuss and it warmed the boat up with the oven baking.


Turn on the oven and pop open a roll of crescent rolls and unroll the dough. It’s an easy dough to keep on hand and can be stuffed with any type of filling  you can imagine. Breakfast crescents could be ham or bacon, egg and cheese. I’ve made empanadas with them before using ground turkey, olives and spices that were bomb. I’ll have to do those again…

In a bowl I mixed together two mustards, one a zesty honey mustard and the other a dijon mustard, with a spoonful of horseradish. I spread the condiment mixture on the triangles and topped them with sliced precooked Honey Ham and cheddar cheese.

Rolled them up from the wide end of the triangle to the pointy end as tidy as I could and placed them on a foil lined baking tray for easy clean up. They were ready in 15 minutes. I smelled when they were done as the tops began to crisp and saved them just in time.

As they cooled Chris asked if it was OK eat em or were they for photo ops only haha. Good thing I took a photo of them cause they didn’t last long!


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