The magical paw paw

So you’ve been out here many times, but you may not have noticed before how many paw paw trees we have growing in these woods. It is a native understory tree that Southeastern Ohioans celebrate each year around this time with the paw paw festival. There never seems to be an end to how many things you can do with a paw paw. This northern most growing variety of the banana family is starchy and tastes kind of like a mango.


Duane brought a bucket of them in from a hike – we removed the seeds, which were plenty, and put the pulp into freezer bags for later use.

paw paw 2

At some point I will make a bread out of this stay tuned. Here is the poster from this years festival. Unfortunately we missed it this time, but it has grown in popularity over the years. You could say that people in this region have paw paw pride.



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