Eat your Roasted Root Veggies!


Hey Katt! Wanted to show you my roasted root veggies… I know this is not a very economical dish since the roots have to roast in the oven at 375 for 45 min-one hour. However, it is sure a delicious treat, sweet, starchy and seasonal. I have cooked it a couple of different ways in the past few weeks – once with some couscous on the side and another time with some pumpkin ravioli. Whether a main dish, side dish, or components of a soup this root veggie medley is a great way to cleanse that liver and bowl (appetizing, I know). Anyway, this is a good thing for growing baby!


I used a combination of carrot, parsnip, tri color potato, beets, onions, and garlic cloves. I drizzled them with good olive oil (so everything glistens) dashed some salt (with iodine – good for you!) added a few chunks of butter and stirred them regularly in a 375 degree oven till crispy.

Make enough and you have left overs for a few days that can compliment mostly anything! xo


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