Amish Pizza

Wow Lori, your posts all look so amazing and healthy. Glad to see you and baby are eating so well. I’m inspired to make your beautiful crustless quiche, and have some ricotta in the fridge now for that very purpose.

This winter has seemed especially frigid with “polar vortex” daytime high temperatures sometimes only reaching into the teens and checking your part of the weather map even colder! The creek, an ever-changing majestic landscape, is now a strange sight to see – frozen over and in a slumber under a blanket of snow.


Evening fog rolling in when the water is colder than the air.

Chores for living aboard are more difficult this time of year, and you are made acutely aware of all things consumed and discarded for survival, something I’m sure is familiar to your own remote lifestyle. Food, water, heating fuel, trash, laundry and even our own waste are all hauled to and from the boat via a steep rocky footpath and precarious decaying plywood covered dock, and you DO NOT want to fall in! Needless to say, all this hard work works up an appetite.

Last week I made a stop at the North Point Amish Market since I had never been there and was in the area. The Amish have always fascinated me, and they surely know a strong work ethic and how to cook! From the butcher I bought 3 chicken sausage links mixed with herbs, spices and feta. I asked him how he recommended preparing it and he suggested browning the sausage into crumbles for topping on a pizza. It sounded good to me so I took his advice.

pizza making

I cheated and picked up two pizza dough balls from the grocer – for $1 a piece ready-made, you can’t beat it. Remove the sausage links from their casing and sauté in a pan with a little olive oil. While browning, work the dough with a little flour stretching it to fit your pan. Place the dough in an olive oil greased pan and top with spoonfuls of pizza sauce and a 5 cheese Italian blend of  Mozzarella, Provolone, Romano, Asiago and Parmesan. Baked in my ovens high setting (around 375-400) for about 18 minutes using scent and sight as a guide to readiness.

If there is an Amish market in your area, it’s a fun visit. After my recent trip to the market I watched this beautiful PBS documentary titled “The Amish” which answered a lot of questions and curiosity I had about their way of life. My mind wanders back the film occasionally now, reminding me to find spirituality amid the rituals of routine chores.

“The Amish” on PBS American Experience


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