About Lori & Katt

Lori & Katt

We love food, OK we admit it – we’re a bit obsessed with food! We are best friends from forever and a day ago and we have been bouncing recipe ideas off each other in emails and texts. Lori cooks from a rustic cabin in the Appalachian hills and Caroline (Katt) cooks from a live aboard sailboat in the Chesapeake. We share a love for explorative food, art and travel while situated in uniquely contrasting environments. The particularities of our lifestyles bring welcomed opportunities to discover sustainable ways of preparing, storing and celebrating a variety of ingredients. The natural world permeates providing inspiration so that we can enjoy the best of both worlds: an alternative and more eco-friendly lifestyle coupled with gourmet comfort food. So we’ve decided to document our explorations, for better or for worse (trial and error), here in our blog – taking turns posting our latest culinary creations while sharing a virtual feast.

We have both found that a healthy appetite comes with living alternatively. Captain Caroline is looking for recipes that work well in a boat galley with limited space, 12 volt refrigeration, special stowing considerations and the need for foods that have a long shelf life made for voyaging on a budget. Sailors are known to be a resourceful and frugal bunch. Lori, the cabin queen, always manages to come up with the most surprising combinations of flavors, drawing from her barn side garden in the summers and snuggling by a wood burning stove by winter. We hope you enjoy a our creative approach to location responsive cooking…from land to sea.


7 thoughts on “About Lori & Katt

  1. Hi Lori, I’m looking forward to trying some of these. How about posting that simple but amazing sautéed eggplant recipe you made here last summer? As I remember, we were all fighting each other for slices as you finished them in the pan.
    Arlo looks adorable posing with the blueberry muffin!

  2. Just getting started reading your blog … but I’m excited and already impressed. I hope you’ve got a lot of MD crab recipes!

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