Chorizo and Corn Cakes

Hunger strikes again, not to mention that I am 27 weeks pregnant. Duane was pretty starving too so I figured it was time to put the chorizo we brought home last week in the pan. Chorizo is made by chopping or grinding pork and “marinating” it in spices. It’s not the kind of thing that a small town in Appalachia sees often which is why we jumped on the opportunity when we saw it in the market.

churizo 2

Knowing how salty chorizo is I whipped together some corn cakes with some corn from the cob.

  • One part corn meal
  • One part Flour (wheat or white)
  • Dill, Salt and Pepper to your liking
  • A little vegetable oil in the pan and place on medium heat


Picking pablanos from the garden on a rainy afternoon

churizo 3

Meanwhile the chorizo cooked on medium low heat. I was able to draw a lot of oil out of the mixture, but not till the end.

Added some pablano peppers and onion from the late summer garden. This helps off-set the savory chorizo as well.

churizo 1

Served with garden tomato, a dollop of plan yogurt and  squeeze of lime. Unbelievably satisfying!


Apple Stuffed Pork loin

Cooking a beautiful seasonal meal puts me in the holiday spirit. I need the simple pleasures of peeling apples, chopping onions and sauteing in bubbling pats of golden butter stirred thoughtfully around the pan, during the quite of the day, for my own sanity in this chaotic world. I look forward to the smile I’ll receive when I present the meal. For tonight is a pork loin I’ve butterflied and stuffed with an apple, onion, cranberry and walnut stuffing seasoned with sage and thyme. Acorn squash split open is filled with the remaining stuffing to bake alongside in the roasting pan. Tying the rolled up meat with twine as a sailor would tye a line around the main to batten it down for a storm, then dusting with salt and colorful pepper flakes.